Family Fun Festivals

Family Fun Festivals x10696440_900834446595644_4957884066168359839_n

In previous years Family Fun Festival was only held on October 31st but now it is held 2 times per year, and was just recently held at our Vista Santa Rosa location.   We need to celebrate family!!

Halloween is usually known for being evil and for bringing fear to peoples’ livesx10650044_900834826595606_8838838649222206319_n; it has even been suggested to be a day of the devil. In fact, it is a day to remember the heroes of the faith. We believe that all days were created by God and for God’s purpose. We seek to redeem & reclaim October 31st and every day for Jesus!! Our goal is to advance the kingdom of God, by showing people that Jesus loves them. Our gates are open to thousands as we give bibles, bikes, stuffed animals, toys, hot dogs, popcorn, hamburgers, sodas, and hundreds of pounds of candy. There is a live drama, live music, and games. As with all our events, everything is FREE!    x10525794_900834796595609_1402124395490100733f_n x10421338_900834579928964_886698760812821546_n x10354729_900834993262256_5317016580636848885_n x1383435_692894347389656_1644272667_n x1377328_900835016595587_8524136080157491543_n x580582_692894337389657_1619782019_n x67330_900835039928918_588971909064758933_n 20150314_170729


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