Help Us Build a New Playground


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“We believe that this playground will enhance the lives of the children and families of Thermal and the Eastern Coachella Valley. Our goal is to provide for their entire wellbeing, both spiritually and physically. This playground will help to accomplish this goal of providing for their entire wellbeing.  Our God brings life into people and this playground will bring health which is life.”  Ruben Martinez, Bishop & Founding Pastor, Christ Is Salvation Church


“We have been serving our community for over 20 years now and it is exciting that together with your help we can raise funds to build a modern safe playground for the children and youth of our community.  Thermal has no playground and you can help the community voice be heard, this is a great need and we look forward to your support”. Raymond Cano, Senior Pastor, Christ Is Salvation Church

Christ Is Salvation Church is a pillar of the community, our mission is to serve and bless the families of Thermal and the surrounding communities.  We need a playground in Thermal because kids learn better, interact better and are generally healthier when they play outside.  It will take $40,000 to build this playground and we need your help to raise these funds.  These $20,000 are a great first step toward building a safe place for kids to play.  We are thankful to our community who we know will help us to accomplish this goal.

Thermal church needs your votes to help win contest to build city’s first playground – KESQ . . .

Christ Is Salvation Church

It is our mission to serve our community.  We have been in Thermal for over 20 years and we desire to love and serve our surrounding community that encompasses the towns of the eastern Coachella Valley, including Thermal, Mecca, Coachella, Oasis to name a few, these towns are some of the poorest in the State of California. 

Our location provides a minimum of 10 weekly services and meetings which include Childcare, youth and children’s ministries.  We hold weekly Awana Kids Club and Youth Nights, as well Vacation Bible Schools, Family Fun Festivals 3 times throughout the year where we give out bikes, toys, and food.  We host lunch on Thanksgiving Day where we give turkeys and food boxes, and we give 1000’s of toys on Christmas Day. Our events are always free. Additionally, we partner with other organizations to provide food boxes for our community weekly and monthly.  Our church is always available to help families in need. 

Currently, Thermal has no playground.  The playground and the nearby ball field have been closed due to construction of new buildings.  The plans to develop a park in Thermal have also been terminated, we feel as the local church we have a responsibility to provide for our community.  Our church is a pillar in our community, people know to come here when they are in need, kids come to play during services, after school and while their parents pick up food boxes, and at our free special events.

Our church and outdoor play equipment were built in the 1950’s. Recently upon inspection our play equipment was deemed unsafe and we had to remove it.  We need a safe place where the kids of our community can be healthy, active and safe.


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