“God transmitted His love by giving His Son. We also transmit His love by giving.”  Pastor Ruben Martinez

Ruben & Margarita Martinez, Senior & Founding Pastors

Ruben & Margarita were married in 1973. In 1985 Pastor Ruben was in need and asked God for healing for his mom who was dying.  He said to God that if He healed her he would follow Him for the rest of his life. His mother was healed, saved and lived another  20 years. Today she is with the Lord and Pastor Ruben and his wife continue to serve Him. God gave Pastor Ruben a mission that motivates him to tell others about the salvation of Christ, His love and the abundance of life He has for His children.  In 1996 Pastors Ruben & Margarita were moved to start Christ Is Salvation Church, this was after having pastored since 1990, and both having attended King’s College & Seminary in Van Nuys, California.

Pastor Ruben was a business owner, auto mechanic, actor and investor who is now retired. He serves as full time senior pastor without receiving a salary.  Pastor Margarita serves as his life and ministry partner as well as leads the ladies of Christ is Salvation and teaches.  They both find it critical for people to learn and know the biblical truths of God’s love, “Who I am in Christ”, God is good, and He is in control.

Their vision and mission are to advance God’s Kingdom while reaching the entire Coachella Valley and the world for Christ.

Raymond & Anell Cano,  Associate Pastors

Raymond and Anell were married in 1999 and are blessed to have 3 beautiful children.  Pastor Raymond gave his life to the Lord in 1995 and soon after was immersed in the biblical truths at the King’s College and Seminary.  The Lord lead him to lead the youth ministry in 1999, and since then he and his family have been involved in all areas of ministry at Christ Is Salvation.

20150531_153503Pastor Raymond was privileged to study at Biola University, recently graduated with his Master’s Degree from the King’s College and Seminary, and founded Christos Bible Institute a division of Christ Is Salvation Church in 2012.  Anell is currently studying in her bachelor’s at the Kings, and serves as his life and ministry partner.  Together they serve in all areas of ministry.

Raymond and Anell are called and dedicated to communicate the message of Christ to all, their desire is that all will know the truth about God’s love, and His empowering Spirit, so that all may trust Him and confide in His eternal promises.



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