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God has called us here at Christ Is Salvation Church to reach the world by “GIVING” his word, love and hope of salvation to all people. Just as the Father gave his son freely for all. We strive to uplift the brokenhearted and the crushed in spirit, reminding them through the foundations of God’s word that they are who Jesus came for. Our mission is to give light to God’s immense power of salvation and restoration even in today’s broken world.


Here at Christ is Salvation Church we do not amplify the current state of the world but rather we glorify the greatness and faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through our testimony we want all people to know that there is no one too far gone to the point that God cannot reach because through the “EMPOWERING” of the Holy Spirit rugged words can be corrected, hurtful actions can be mended, and broken people can be restored. We are here to encourage you and remind you that God has provided everything you will ever need and that we are “OVERCOMING” through the Blood of the Lamb which was shed for all at the Cross of Calvary!

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