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In 1985 Pastor Ruben's mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was given no more than a few days to live. Pastor Ruben, who at the time was not a believer, desperately sought God and asked God to heal his mother. He told God that if He healed his mother he would follow Him for the rest of his life. His mother was healed, saved and lived another 20 years. In order to honor his promise to God, Pastor Ruben was moved to start Christ Is Salvation Church. Christ Is Salvation Church was founded in 1996 by Senior Pastor's Ruben Martinez and his wife Margarita Martinez, this was after having pastored since 1990, and both having attended King’s College & Seminary in Van Nuys, California to educate themselves with the Word of God and learn sound doctrine. Currently, Pastor Ruben and his wife continue to serve the Lord at Christ is Salvation Church telling people about the salvation of Christ, His love and the abundance of life.

Christ is Salvation Church is located in Thermal, California which is an unincorporated community within the Coachella Valley in Riverside County, California located approximately 25 miles (40 km) southeast of Palm Springs and about 9.5 miles (15.3 km) north of the Salton Sea. Thermal, California is an agricultural community made up of less than 2,500 residents. According to the most recent demographics data available from the Census Bureau, shows that the poverty percentage within Thermal is 34.5%. Nonetheless, Pastor Ruben Martinez wholeheartedly believes that this is the demographic which he was meant to minister to. 

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