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One of our Family Fun Festivals is held on October 31st every year! Halloween is usually believed by many to be a day of evil and because of this it brings fear into people's lives; it has even been suggested to be a day of the devil. At Christ Is Salvation Church, Halloween is a day to remember the heroes of the faith. We believe that all days were created by God and for God’s purpose.

We seek to redeem and reclaim October 31st and every day for Jesus!! Our goal is to advance the kingdom of God, by showing people that Jesus loves them. Our gates are open to thousands during these events as we give bibles, bikes, stuffed animals, toys, hot dogs, popcorn, hamburgers, sodas, and hundreds of pounds of candy. There are live dramas, music, and games.

As with all our events, everything is always FREE!   

This year because of the Covid- 19 Pandemic we held and hosted our Happy Fall-O-Ween Jesus Festival drive- thru style. The whole community was invited to bring their cars and drive through a festive tunnel that was decorated with banners, lights, and inflatable figurines. As the cars drove through they were greeted with confetti and the children had the chance to meet superheroes like Hulk, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Captain America and even the Cat in the Hat. Then once they exited the tunnel everyone was given a candy bag. The children were given toys. And all the families received multiple boxes of food. 

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