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Ages 12 through 19.

All Youth Are Welcome!

Every summer during the 1st week of August, we welcome many youth from around the whole Coachella Valley to spend one week with our Pastors and the Youth Ministry Team learning that JESUS SAVES. Throughout the week they are taught about coming to know their true identity in Jesus Christ. The Youth are taught the Word of God while having fun. As they learn they have the opportunity to win prizes. They have various activities which include a water day, dress-up days, daily games and outdoor activities, cash and electronic prizes, and a chance to be baptized. Everyday lunch and transportation is provided.


At the end of the week there is a graduation ceremony where the Youth have the opportunity to win money, gift cards and awards for learning, good behavior and perfect attendance.

During this ceremony every Youth is given a free backpack filled with school supplies ready to be used for the upcoming school year!

The entire program is FREE of charge!!!

For more information call: 

Pastor Cheyla (760) 880-4059

Pastor Ruben (760) 844-3842

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